Memories on a Bracelet

06/21/2013 13:35

Some people like to spend obscene amounts of money on jewelry. You have to wonder why, when there are so many better, more affordable options out there. Perhaps they just like to show off their wealth, or maybe their taste is based on what they see in television and film and in fashion magazines. It can be difficult to do anything more than become an open wallet for designer jewelry stores when you let the media dictate your taste.

Why not invest in jewelry that you'll actually wear for years to come, and which is actually affordable enough to keep on buying on occasion without feeling totally guilty? That means buying a Pandora-style bracelet. A Pandora-style charm bracelet offers you more than jewelry; it offers you the ability to collect and wear charms, a social activity you can do with your friends. That's considerably more fun than comparing your fancy jewelry with each other and becoming unreasonably jealous, no?

You can get wholesale Pandora-style glass charms quite affordably. In fact, inexpensive Pandora-style charms can be gotten on the Internet or at special stores across the nation that sell all kinds of cheap Pandora-style beads for your Pandora bracelet. If you're willing to buy imitation Pandora charms, you can get Pandora-style beads cheap, making your charm collection all the larger and more fun to trade with your friends over.

Buying and wearing Pandora-style charms is really more about the social experience with your friends who also wear Pandora charms. You can buy them charms too, which makes traveling to a new city, state, or even country, more exciting. That's because you get to scour the area for Pandora charms that can't be gotten back where you're from so that you can gift them to your friends as souvenirs. That sounds better than a coffee mug or novelty t-shirt, doesn't it?

Yes, its not diamonds or pearls, not gold or other highly expensive metals, but a Pandora-style bracelet has something those other, fancier, more expensive jewelry types don't. Pandora bracelets have spirit. They have a personal connection that goes beyond the money spent on them. They have stories that build and build, and that's worth more than any glittering rock will ever be.

It isn't hard to start your own Pandora-style charm collection today. Just go online and start checking out what appeals to you. You can also talk to your friends and see if any of them have some charms they'd be willing to start you off with. After all, you're in this together now.