Juvederm and Radiesse – Wrinkles Beware!

04/25/2013 12:36


Those looking to turn back the hands of time with cosmetic surgery procedures have a multitude of options available to them in this day and age. If you want to have facial lines filled in with juvederm, New York alone has dozens of surgeons. Prior to the 1990s, however, collagen injections were the only way to get these facial lines filled. The injections came with a whole host of risks because the collagen used was derived from cow protein. Anyone who wanted to get the injection had to undergo an allergy test because over 20% of patients would show sensitivity to the injection. These collagen procedures also called for multiple injections – yikes! – and only lasted for three months. With the introduction of products like juvederm and radiesse, which are made with hyaluronic acid, no allergy tests are necessary since it can be made in a laboratory without the use of any animal protein.


Juvderm vs. Radiesse


So which product is best? Either juvederm or radiesse are quality, safe procedures that give great results. Consulting a surgeon is vital in determining which one is right for you. Some basic things you can consider on your own is what area of the face are you wanting to have filled? For example, Radiesse is made from a whitish colored substance so it would look much better to use juvederm rather than radiesse for lips. NY to LA doctors should all be in agreement with that conclusion.


Finding the Right Surgeon


Going to a major city for juvederm, New York City for example, is a good place to start because of the skilled surgeons that are accessible there. Also, the large number of surgeons makes for healthy competition - offers on deals for juvederm, groupon being one such site making these offers, are widely available and you can get a discounted rate for otherwise pricey treatments. There are a few things to consider before choosing one treatment over the other. Before you make your appointment, check out juvederm and radiesse reviews - NYC specifically if you are heading to the big apple. This would tell you who the most qualified surgeons for juvederm or radiesse treatment in NY are and help you to make a more informed decision on who to use. Searching with keywords like “radiesse, NYC” or “juvederm, New York” are simple ways to put the tools at your fingertips for the best possible cosmetic surgery experience. Once you have decided on the right treatment and the right surgeon your juvederm or radiesse NYC experience should be “wrinkle-free.”