A Wrinkle in Time

04/22/2013 17:47

Humans throughout the ages have been in search for eternal youth – from the tales of Herodotus searching the land of the Macrobians for special life-giving water to the famed explorations of Ponce de Leon and his quest for the fountain of youth. In modern times we turn to science and technology to fulfill our own personal quest for eternal youth – even if only superficial. The rise in demand for timeless beauty has given way to facelifts, liposuction, and more recently - collagen injections. Some of the most popular are juvederm filler/  juvederm treatments  which are typically used to fill in wrinkles that extend from the corners of the mouth and nose to the corners of the eye. These nasolabial folds are more commonly known as “smile lines” and can be greatly reduced by treatments like juvederm or radiesse. New York, specifically Columbia University, was the center of discovery for one of the main components in juvederm - hyaluronic acid. This special substance, harvested from cow’s eyes, helps to keep skin hydrated as well as maintain volume.


Scared of the Knife?


One of the benefits of using the injections was not having an invasive a procedure like a full facelift. This has created a great increase in the popularity of juvederm. New York has now become a mecca for offering treatments of juvederm. New York City alone has dozens of plastic surgeons and dermatologists that offer this treatment as well as radiesse. New York City is the hub of the hip, the famous and most importantly, the wealthy - so it is no surprise that so many doctors can make their living in a specialized and expensive profession like plastic surgery in the big apple. Women clamoring to have that perfect youthful expression or plumper lips come to these professionals in droves for their collagen fix. None of these treatments are permanent, however, so those using juvederm will see the effects of their injection start to fade after about six to nine months. The components of the fillers are eventually absorbed by the body, which causes the effect to diminish. Radiesse lasts substantially longer – it lasts almost two years before a repeat treatment would be necessary. It also depends what part of the face you are having the procedure done to determine how long the effect with last. Those using juvederm for cheeks may find the effects are not as long-lasting as when it is used for lip injections. Talk to qualified professionals and get their advice for what the right treatment is for you in your quest for that perfect youthful expression.