Celebrating Mom in Style

05/28/2013 21:34
Spring is in the air and Mother's Day is just around the corner. Year after year it's the same thing, flowers, maybe a nice card and some brunch at a diner with everyone else who couldn't think of anything else to do. Granted, flowers and brunch aren't a bad start, but they shouldn't be the end of a day to honor Mom. This year, try getting that special lady something different. After all, she birthed and raised you, it's time to give something special back to Mom this year. There's probably something she's had her eye on, and maybe even dropped an oh-so-subtle hint about a certain Akoya pearl bracelet that she happened to see while shopping the other week.  
A pearl necklace and earring set can be a wonderful gift for Mom this Mother's Day. Beautiful yet sublet, pearls can go well with almost any clothing and accentuate her all ready radiant beauty.  A pearl necklace set typically comes with a necklace, a bracelet and will sometimes include earrings. This combo of a present can be something she'll enjoy for years to come. In white or cream with rose or silver undertones, pearls are a beautiful accessory. 
If Mom isn't a fan of necklaces or bracelets then you may consider just picking up a nice pair of pearl studs. These are a little more subtle is she isn't a huge fan of jewelry but can still fit any occasion in which a little flare may be necessary. You can even adapt this idea further by going with small pearl stud earrings. Perhaps, if your looking for an earring set that's a little more exotic you might try going with black pearl studs. Uncommon and beautiful, she'll get compliments every time she wears them. 
Mom is a special lady, and one who's been there for you no matter what happened. This year, show her just how much you care by doing something special and out of the ordinary. Pearls are a good start, but even that should only be the beginning. Mother's Day is a day for celebrating the one person in your life that is irreplaceable. You might have many aunts, uncles, even grandparents if your lucky enough, but you'll only ever have one mother. Spend some time with her and make this Mother's day stand out from every other year, make it something special to be remembered.